Preventive maintenance is provided by Rowland Air so that your heating or air conditioning unit functions properly for many upcoming years. It is about inspecting the safety of component in your unit as well as to check that controls are positioned safely. This preventive maintenance task will help the system to work well during peak periods. Indeed, proper care and maintenance of machines results in fewer crashes, enhances unit performance and increases its life.

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Know how Preventive Maintenance is Beneficial –

Preventive maintenance helps to bring the number of breakdowns to bare minimum. If the unit is properly maintained, then issues are located fast and solved instantly.

Preventive Maintenance helps in saving a lot of energy. Routine checks make your system energy efficient that consumes less power. Moreover, this has also been proved by research that machines that are not maintained on a regular basis lose its efficiency by about 50 percent. In addition, proper care keeps filters clean, which allows maximum air flow and coils – indoors and outdoors, remain dirt free for better heat transfer.

The life span of the air conditioning or heating unit is considerably increased with routine maintenance. Equipment becomes reliable, economic and depended with scheduled preventive maintenance program.